How does Barlow Pay independent contractors?
– Barlow pays 74% of a loads line haul and 100% of the fuel surcharge.

What expenses do independent contractors pay for out of pocket?
–  Tolls, scales, trailer washouts and reefer fuel. 

How much are the lease payments?
– Lease payments are a flat $750 weekly.

How long is a lease?
– Depending on truck age between 2-5 years with an option to buy.

How much over the road experience do I need?
– Barlow requires the last 2 consecutive years of verifiable over the road experience.

What are my upfront costs to join the lease to own program?
– There no upfront cost to join Barlow's lease to own program.

How often will I be home?
– Drivers typically get 1 day home for every 7 days on the road. To be successful drivers stay on the road 3-4 weeks at a time.

Does Barlow have a safety bonus program?
– Yes. Barlow takes safety seriously and expects only the best from its drivers. Every 6 months with a clean driving record, Barlow rewards drivers with a 1% safety bonus based off the gross pay during that time period. A $50 bonus is given for every clean inspection.

What’s Barlow’s rider policy?
– Riders age 6 and older are allowed on the truck.

What’s Barlow’s pet policy?
– Pets are allowed on the truck 

Does Barlow have a driver referral program?
– Yes. Barlow has a tier based driver referral program. The longer the referred driver is leased to Barlow the more money you make. Learn more

How much does Barlow pay Company Drivers?
– Barlow pays company drivers 20% of a loads line haul.

What expenses do company drivers pay out of pocket?
– Barlow pay's all working expenses.

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